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Surface Representations and Geometric Modeling (SS04)

Course Topics

Recent advances in 3D digital geometry processing have created a plenitude of novel concepts for the mathematical representation and interactive manipulation of graphics models. This course covers some of the latest developments in geometric modelling and surface representations. The first part of the course will discuss traditional methods, such as splines and NURBS, and will introduce the basic notions of differential geometry. The second part of the course will address more recent developments in digital geometry processing. Topics include B├ęzier-curves and B-Splines, Polynomial Surfaces, Triangle Meshes, Subdivision Schemes, Mesh Fairing and Digital Geometry Processing, Wavelets, Point based methods.


Introduction to geometric modeling and digital surface processing. The exercises will include reading assignments and discussion of scientific papers.


Introduction to Computer Graphics (GDV I). Some background in geometry or computational geometry is helpful, but not necessary.

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Markus Gross


Michael Waschbuesch (, Daniel Cotting (


Course: Do 14-16, IFW D42


Exercises: Do 16-17, IFW D42

Credit points

Diploma Students ETH: 5 (including exam)
Ph.D. students ETH: 3 (attendance) or 4 (including exam)
Ph.D. students University of Zurich: 3 (attendance) or 4 (including exam)