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Graphische Datenverarbeitung 2
Advanced Computer Graphics (SS 2005)

Course Topics

This course covers advanced topics of Computer Graphics in Visualization and Rendering, including: Feature-based Visualization, Isosurfaces, Flow Visualization, Contourlines, Volume Rendering, Vector Fields, Ray Tracing, Radiosity, Image-based Modeling and Rendering, Video-based Rendering, Point-based Rendering.


To teach state-of-the-art computation methods for image generation as well as for geometric modeling.


Fundamentals from numerical mathematics and algorithms.

Administration Description | Administration
Number 251-0544-00L
Lecturer Ronald Peikert (,
Stephan Würmlin (
Location Course: IFW A36, Tuesday, 10-12
Exercises: IFW A36, Tuesday, 12-13
Credits 2V/1U (5 credits)