Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Informatik I D-MAVT - FS17 - Schedule

Lecture Topic Lecturer Exercise
Feb. 23Introduction to Programming / UnixM. Grossnone
Mar. 2Data Types and VariablesM. GrossEx 1: Codeboard and self-assessment test
Mar. 9Branching Statements and Logical OperatorsM. GrossEx 2: Linux and Terminal
Mar. 16Arrays and StructsM. GrossEx 3: Data Types and Variables
Mar. 23Control FlowM. GrossEx 4: Branching and Logical Operators, Arrays
Mar. 30Pointers IM. GrossEx 5: Arrays, Strings, Structs
Apr. 6Functions IM. GrossEx 6: Control Flow
Apr. 13Functions IIM. GrossEx 7: Pointers I
Apr. 20none (Easter holiday)none
Apr. 27Classes IH. LehnerEx 8: Functions I
May. 4Inheritance IH. LehnerEx 10: Classes
May 11Inheritance IIH. LehnerEx 11: OO - Inheritance
May 18Classes IIH. LehnerEx 12: OO - Queues
June 1FastforwardH. Lehnernone

The exercise session on 30-31 May is optional. The teaching assistants will be available to discuss the last exercise and for general Q&A about previous exercises and exams.