Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Visual Computing - SS09 - Schedule


Topic Lecturerer
Type Handout
February 17/18Digital images and sensorsG. Brostow(none)
February 24/25Image segmentation and morphologyTue: G. Brostow, Wed: M. PollefeysForeground ExtractionJanuary 24
March 03/04Convolution and image featuresM. PollefeysEdge DetectionMarch 3
March 10/11Fourier transform and filteringM. PollefeysFiltering March 10
March 17/18Unitary TransformationsM. PollefeysPCAMarch 17
March 24/25Image domain transforms and image compressionM. PollefeysOptical FlowMarch 24
March 31/April 01Optical flow and video compressionM. Pollefeys(none)
April 07/08Introduction – graphics pipeline-API-architectureN. ThuereyPractice: OpenGL renderingApril 7
April 21/22Colors and color models, perceptionM. GrossPractice: Shaders in OpenGLApril 21
April 28/29Transformations, projections, camera modelsM. GrossTheory: Light and colorsApril 28
May 05/06Lighting, reflection, shading models, ray tracingM. GrossPractice: Matrices and quaternionsMay 05
May 12/13Texturing, parameterizationM. GrossPractice: Advanced shadersMay 12
May 19/20Texture mapping, shadowsM. GrossPractice: Multipass rendering. NOTE: No exercise class on Thursday.May 19
May 26/27Anti-AliasingM. Gross(none - no exercise class this week)