Image Hi! I am an Associate Research Scientist in the Imaging and Video Group at Disney Research Zurich since August 2014. I am also an adjunct lecturer at ETH Zurich where I teach "Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics and Vision". Before joining Disney Research, I was a Postdoc and a Senior Research Associate ("Oberassistent") at the Computer Graphics Laboratory of Prof. Markus Gross and at Computer Vision and Geometry Group of Prof. Marc Pollefeys at ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2011-2014). During this time, I was a member of the Being There Center and was working in collaboration with Disney Research Zurich. Before working at ETHZ, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Computer Vision Lab of Prof. Katsushi Ikeuchi, Tokyo, Japan (2010/2011). I received an MS in Computer Science at Universite de Technologie de Compiegne, France (2006) and a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Robotics and Computer Vision Laboratory, KAIST, South Korea (2011).

My research interests include various topics in computer vision and graphics, such as image/video editing and processing. For more details, see my CV and publication list. During spare time, I enjoy hiking in the lovely Swiss mountains. I also love experiencing new cultures and had the opportunity to live and work in seven different countries (France, United Kingdom, USA, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland and Singapore).

Disney Research Zurich
Stampfenbachstrasse 48
CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 632 98 08
Email: jean-charles.bazin _AT_

Education and Experience

  • Aug. 2014 - current
    Associate Research Scientist at Disney Research Zurich, Switzerland

    Collaborators: Prof. Markus Gross and Dr. Alexander Sorkine-Hornung


  • Sept. 2011 - July 2014
    Postdoc and Senior Research Associate ("Oberassistent") at CGL/CVG, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland

    Collaborators: Prof. Markus Gross and Prof. Marc Pollefeys

  • Sept. 2010 - May 2011
    Postdoctoral Fellow at CVL (Ikeuchi Lab), University of Tokyo, Japan

    Collaborator: Prof. Katsushi Ikeuchi

  • Sept. 2006 - Aug. 2010
    PhD degree at RCV Lab, KAIST, South Korea

    Advisor: Prof. Inso Kweon

  • Sept. 2005 - Sept. 2006
    Master of Science (DEA) at UTC, France

  • Sept. 2001 - Sept. 2006
    Engineering diploma in Computer Sciences at UTC, France


  • 6-12 Sept. 2014 Image

    Attending ECCV 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland, to present our paper

  • 3 Sept 2014 Image

    Our paper about 3D reconstruction and topology estimation of cables has been accepted at SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Technical Briefs!!!

    See you in Shenzen, China in Decemer 2014

  • 1 August 2014 Image

    I joined Disney Research Zurich (Imaging and Video Group) as an Associate Research Scientist!!

  • 4 July 2014 Image

    Our paper about architecture pile deconstruction has been accepted at AAG'14!!!

    See you in London, England in September 2014

  • 16 June 2014 Image

    Our paper about "Globally Optimal Inlier Set Maximization With Unknown Rotation and Focal Length" has been accepted at ECCV for oral presentation (2.8% acceptance rate)!!!

    See you in our lovely Zurich in September 2014

  • 21 May 2014 Image

    Our paper about "jumping pictures for smartphones" has been accepted at ICIP!!!

    See you in Paris in October 2014

  • 7-11 April 2014 Image

    Attending Eurographics 2014 in Strasbourg, France, to present our paper

  • 17-21 March 2014 Image

    Invited talk at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden and visit of Fredrik Kahl's group

  • 19 March 2014 Image

    Our paper about "immersive 3D telepresence" has been accepted at IEEE Computer!!!

  • 18 March 2014 Image

    We have two papers accepted at ICME'14!!!

    See you in Chengdu, China in July 2014

  • 3 Jan. 2014 Image

    Our paper about point-based 3D reconstruction has been accepted at Eurographics'14!!!

    See you in Strasbourg, France in April 2014

  • 1 Jan. 2014 Image

    I am promoted to the "senior researcher/lecturer" (Oberassistent) position at ETH Zurich

  • 1-8 Dec. 2013 Image

    Attending ICCV 2013 in Sydney, Australia, to present our paper

  • 2 Sept. 2013 Image

    Our paper about rank minimization has been accepted at ICCV'13!!!

    See you in Sydney, Australia in December 2013

  • 28 August 2013 ImageImage

    Our work on gaze correction for video-conferencing has been presented on Gizmodo and aired on Discovery Channel !!!

  • 21-25 July 2013 Image

    Attending SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, California, to present our paper

  • 6-10 May 2013 Image

    Attending Eurographics 2013 in Girona, Spain, to present our paper

  • 27 March 2013 Image

    Our paper about interactive image painting has been accepted at SIGGRAPH'13!!!

    See you in Anaheim, California in July 2013

  • 21 March 2013 Image

    Our work on gaze correction for video-conferencing has been nominated in the top 5 of the most promising ETH inventions of the year!!!

  • 10 Jan. 2013 Image

    Our paper about music retargeting has been accepted at Eurographics'13!!!

    See you in Girona, Spain in May 2013

  • 28 Nov. 2012 Image

    Attending SIGGRAPH Asia'12 in Singapore, to present our paper

  • 20 Nov. 2012 Image

    Invited talk at VML Lab, KAIST, South Korea

  • 19 Nov. 2012 Image

    Invited talk at SG Lab, KAIST, South Korea

  • 5-9 Nov. 2012 Image

    Attending ACCV'12 in Daejeon, South Korea, to present our paper

  • 13-17 Oct 2012 Image

    Attending 3DimPVT'12 and 3DTV-CON'12 in Zurich, Switzerland, to present our paper

  • 7-12 Oct 2012 Image

    Attending IROS'12 in Vilamoura, Portugal, to present our paper

  • 2 Oct 2012 Image

    Invited talk at AI Lab, University of Zurich, Switzerland

  • 25 Sept 2012 Image

    Our paper about inlier set maximization with a rotation model has been accepted in oral at ACCV'12!!!

    See you in Daejeon, South Korea in November 2012

  • 4 Sept 2012 Image

    Our paper about 3D video-conferencing has been accepted at 3DTV-CON'12!!!

    See you in Zurich in November 2012

  • 6 Aug 2012 Image

    Our paper about gaze correction has been accepted at SIGGRAPH-Asia'12!!!!

    See you in Singapore in November 2012

  • 2 July 2012 Image

    Our paper about 3-line RANSAC has been accepted at IROS'12!!!

    See you in Vilamoura, Portugal in October 2012

  • 16-21 June 2012 Image

    Attending CVPR'12 in Providence, USA, to present our paper