Yeara Kozlov

PhD student
Computer Graphics Lab, ETH Zurich
Disney Research Zurich

+41 44 633 89 61
Yeara Kozlov

I’m a joint PhD student at the Computer Graphics Lab at ETH Zürich and at Disney Research.

I am supervised by Prof. Markus Gross from CGL and I belong to the Capture and Effects group at Disney Research, led by Dr. Thabo Beeler. My research interests include capture, physically based simulation, computer vision and geometry processing.

I received my M.Sc in Visual Computing from Saarland University, Germany. My Master’s thesis was written in affiliation with the Department of Computer Graphics in Max Planck Institute for Informatics, supervised by Dr. Tino Weinkauf. I graduated from the Technion, Israel with a B.Sc in Physics.



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