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Image Synthesis - SS14 - Schedule

Schedule (tentative)

The exercises will be updated according to the course schedule.

Topic Exercise
18.02.2014Opening lecture, Image Formation IExplanation of Base code
Exercise 1 handed out.
25.02.2014Light & MatterQ&A
04.03.2014Monte Carlo Ray TracingExercise 1 due
Exercise 2a handed out
11.03.2014Monte Carlo Ray Tracing IIExercise 2a due
Exercise 2b handed out
18.03.2014Global Illumination: Rendering Equation, Path Tracing, Irradiance CachingExercise 2b due
Exercise 3 handed out
25.03.2014Bidirectional Light Transport I: Photon Mapping, VPLsQ&A
01.04.2014Bidirectional Light Transport II: BDPT, MetropolisExercise 3 due
Final project handed out
08.04.2014Denoising by Fabrice Roussellee-Q&A
15.04.2014Participating Media I: Radiative Transport Equation, Single Scattering, Ray Marching, Volumetric Path Tracing Break
22.04.2014 Break Break
29.04.2014Participating Media II: Volume Photon Mapping, BRE, Photon Beams Break
06.05.2014BRDF Models & Midterm Review Midterm
13.05.2014Subsurface Scattering: The BSSRDF, Diffusion DipoleQ&A
20.05.2014Progressive Photon MappingTBD
27.05.2014 Rendering Competition Break